Recent Jobs Kenley & Caterham

Here are some recent local gardening jobs we have undertaken.


o   Brushed &  Strimmed

o   Mowed lawn

o   The grass had brambles as well as tall grass in places

o  Stacked garden waste in area for skip

o   Located old paving under grass and refurbished

  • Edging

o   Edged between lawn and paving in front and back creating neat looking edges

  • Pressure washed

o   Pressure washed patio area

o   Decking

o   Paths which turned out to be pink and green paving

o   Pond Bridge

  • Ivy

o   Ivy removed from bridge

o   Round pond and in rockery at back

o   From trees

o   From garden beds

o   Removed from pond

o   Removed trains from lawn

  • Top left area at back

o   Removed brambles and stinging nettles

  • Pond area

o   Cleared rubbish out of pond

o   Grass was growing on top of dense leaves in pond

o   Cleared muddy foliage from pond which was years of leaves etc  lifted it out with a rake

o   Removed Holly bush

o   Lopped lower branches of trees to open up are behind while keeping privacy to upstairs windows

o   Cleaned bridge of ivy and pressure washed

  • Path to pond

o   Pressure washed to clean and remove moss

o   Showed pink and green paving

o   Edged

  • Reclamation

o   Reclaimed two rows of paving in front of flower beds

o   Reclaimed path by old bbq going towards fence between to beds

o   Reclaimed beds which were overgrown with parasitic plants in beds and trees covering beds

  • Main area

o   Edged

o   Pressure washed

o   Mowed

o   Tidied up


Kenley –  Valley road

  • Front

o   Strimmed grass at front of house as it was a slope

  • Back top grass area

o   Strimmed grass area which had stinning nettles in it

  • Patio

o   Cleared patio area which the client did not know was there

o   Cleared moss

o   Cleared ivy

o   Cleared brambles

  • Lower area

o   Cleared Brambles with brush strimmer was about 5foot high

o   Cleared fire area which had half burnt furniture bed and glass in it along with garden rubbish

o   Tidies hedge

  • Pathway

o   Cleared shrubs trees and bush back for access along the pathway




  • Cleared area about 5 foot high of brambles weeds etc


Wattendon Road


  • Cleared front garden of including roots

o   Shrubs

o   Bushes

o   Brambles

o   Weeds

o   stinging nettles

  • Leveled earth to be consistent height
  • Moved earth away from edge of lawn
  • Mowed lawn
  • Trimmed edge of grass
  • Cut tree stump

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